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Welcome to the new website of BRIGHT S.A.

Bright S.A. is a Greek Company that produces aluminum roller insect screens, with a successful presence of more than 15 years in the Greek market, where supplies a full range of products regarding to the insect protection.

The company has a customer oriented policy; where in combination with the excellent quality of its products has made Bright able to register a continuous increase of its turnover.

The Quality Control and Research & Development departments take care of the quality of the products through various technical tests control run by independed laboratories, as well as through continuous efforts on its development and improvement that allows to the company to respond very fast to the needs and the requirements of the market.




It slows down the return of the fly screen for bigger protection..



Ideal solution for large dimension frames where other flyscreens can not be installed.The Tuck-Block flyscreen has a spring-free operation ..