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BR2 HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT - Fitting Instructions for Horizontal Sliding, Single-Shutter

Step 1

  • 1. Place the aluminum cap of the screening with mechanism at the vertical side of the frame you wish to place it on. Screw the upper and lower parts of the mechanism.

  • Step 2

  • 2. Place the fitting profile at the exact opposite side and parallel to the mechanism and screw it on. ATTENTION - The plastic caps of the profile should be facing the interior.
  • Step 3

  • 3. Fit the guides by placing them first on the special tumblers of the plastic caps and then by having them touch on the small plastic fixtures of the fitting profile. Once you have ensured that they are at a straight, parallel position, screw them on.
  • Step 4

  • 4. ATTENTION - The screening should work properly, if it is placed at a right angle to the guides. You should transport the screening always grabbing it from the middle.

Step 4

Follow step 1 of ONE-SHUTTER Fitting Instructions to fit one of the screen casing on the side of the frame and then fit the upper and lower guide together with the second screen casing in place and screw then in place.

Screw the bolt lock (B) on the frame to the front of the guides, one at the upper part and one at the lower part, at a straight line, at any point you wish to secure one part of the screening.

Press-fit the locking bolts (A) on the upper and lower end of the handle so that they can be slided to lock inside the bolt locks (B) on the upper and lower part.