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BR5 HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT - Fitting Instructions for Horizontal Sliding, Single-Shutter, Articulated Screening with Wheels

Step 1

  • 1 First, place the profile containment plastic equipment (16) in the middle of the casing and screw it on. Press-fit the aluminium profile of the screening on the containment plastic equipment and screw it on the lower and upper part of the mechanism.

  • Step 2

  • 2 Before installing the counter-face, press-fit the lower guide (17) plastic groove and then press-fit the alignment cap (15) on the upper part of the counter-face. ATTENTION - the alignment cap should be facing toward the inside space. Place the counter-face exactly opposite and parallel to the mechanism, and screw it on.
  • Step 3

  • 3 Place the articulated (lower) guide (4), after having slided it in the plastic articulation joint (14). Then place the articulation joint in the profile plastic cap groove and screw it on. Then, install the upper guide, by first placing the side of the profile in the plastic cap tongue (9), and then by making it touch on the face alignment cap (15), making sure that the upper guide is parallel to the lower guide, and screw it on. In order to screw it on, use the existing plastic equipment (19).
  • Step 4

  • 4 Place the plastic grips (13a + b), by press-fitting them on the aluminum profile on which we drag the screening (in the middle of the handle level), for better functionality. The screening should always be pulled from the middle, in order to operate absolutely parallel to the guides.

Step 5


Screw the support plastic (C), as well as the guide groove, on the upper part of the casing, and support the bold on the lower part (D) on the side of the shutter you wish to fix. ATTENTION - press-fit the locking bolts (A1, A2) on the handle. This system allows you to fix the screening on any part of the casing, and to lock one part of the screening.