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BR5 VERTICAL MOVEMENT - 6-m Rail Cutting and Fitting Instructions

  • Before cutting it, we slightly push the roll so that its distance from the surface of the profile of the screening –dragging handle is approximately 2mm.
  • The smallest possible dimension for the screening roll cutting is 60 cm. We can cut the roll at a smaller length, if we first shorten the length of the spring.
  • (A) We measure the width of the window and subtract 13 mm.
  • (B) In order to calculate the length at which the 2 lateral profiles (guides) will be cut, we measure the height of the window and subtract 47 mm.

Window Width Spring Turns Door Width Spring Turns
60 cm 8 60 cm 10
80 cm 8 80 cm 10
100 cm 10 100 cm 12
120 cm 12 120 cm 14
140 cm 14 140 cm 16
160 cm 17 160 cm 19
180 cm 19 180 cm 21

  • Fitting Instructions

  • 1(b). First place the screening profile (1), screwing it on to the left and right grooves of the plastic caps (7) using screws and moly plugs.

  • 2(b). Slide in the stop regulators (9) at the lower part of the guides (3), the large surface facing toward the inside of the opening.

  • 3(b). Place the guides, by adjusting them on the upper part of the special plastic cap (7) groove.

  • 4(b). Screw on the guides, by using the special plastic (guide alignment plug) (14), which separates the weather strip providing better access to the back of the guide.